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The wonder that is Jai Domenic Brooks ❤😉

Jaidon ( Jai ) Domenic Brooks was born on May 3, 1995. His twin brother, Luke, was born two minutes before him. Jai was born in Melbourne, Australia with his mother Gina Brooks, elder brothers Beau and Luke. But he lives in LA. They have a step sister that he has never met. He dropped out of high school to focus on the group. Jai is part of the Janoskians, along with his brothers, James Yammouni and Daniel Sahyounie. The group is a YouTube sensation due to funny prank stunts. They began posting videos on YouTube in September 2011. His wife is Alyssa Simpson


Things about himEdit

Jai is shorter than Luke. He loves Nirvana.


  • Jai's left-
  • He did date Ariana Grande but they broke up and he said that she cheated on him with Nathan Sykes of the UK band, The Wanted.
  • Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande have been kissing at the iHeart radio festival on May 1,2014 which maded us believe they were back together-they split again later that year.
  • Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande are back together.
  • He tweeted Ariana Grande back saying that he loved with her when she told him that she loved him.
  • They later broke up, somewhere around July, 2014
  • He is half Italian and Australian.
  • His favourite colour is grey.
  • His favourite movie is Step Brothers.
  • Jai is very competitive and doesn't like losing.
  • Jai's fear is leaving school.
  • If Jai had three wishes, he would wish to stay young forever, go to space and sing better.
  • Jai still doesn't know how to click his fingers.
  • Jai is really good at drawing..
  • Jai has a frenzy with hats and caps.
  • Jai lives in LA - along side the other Janoskian boys.

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